In which particular areas do you find it hard to be distinctive in your sport? Is it off the pitch, on the pitch or is there a particular area?


Discuss this in your group or think about it on your own.


Bible Reading



Linvoy Primus, former professinal football player

'I'd just play to win, no matter what!'

  • Who is Linvoy Primus?

    Linvoy Primus MBE is a former professional footballer who made 433 appearances in his career.


    He played for Charlton, Barnet, Reading and Portsmouth in a 16 year career at the top of the game.



Bible Reading

Read Matthew 5v13 before watching the next video.


13 You are the salt of the earth.



Teaching | Matthew 5v13






Discuss these questions following what you've read and listened to.







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1. In what ways do you think you could be distinctive in your world of sport?


2. How does it encourage you, knowing that you are called to live out something you are ('you are the salt of the earth'), not become something you are not?

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